Full Name
Jeremy Strozer
Job Title
Strozer Ltd.
Speaker Bio
Jeremy Strozer is a bridge linking the technical to the business, the defense to the diplomatic, the science to the art, the past to the present, and the moment to you.

As a neurodiverse lateral thinking Fulbright scholar, OCTOVIST (Open-minded, Creative Thinker, Optimistic, Versatile, Intelligent, Supportive, Talented), improvisational actor, coach, and teacher who creates and produces emotional truth-inspired flash-fiction of The 20th Century's War as podcasts, videos, e-books and physical books, while teaching organizations how to conduct strategic planning, he is a former senior executive, diplomat, and military analyst who worked more than twenty-five years in government, private sector, non-profit, and academia before focusing full-time on teaching through storytelling.

He sees opportunities and risks not visible to most, fixes the broken, and leads teams to create the previously unimaginable; evolving efficiency and utility out of calcified tradition or a map-less future.

Some of his past stints have been as a Managing VP at Gartner, an Exo-Endoparacologist with Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute, Director of International Security Programs at Dynamis, and a Foreign Affairs Officer and Intelligence Officer with the U.S. Department of State.
Jeremy Strozer