Full Name
Dr. Lewis Atkinson
Job Title
Global Partner
Haines Centre for Strategic Management Limited
Speaker Bio
Dr Lewis Atkinson is a Global Partner with the Haines Centre for Strategic Management Limited (t/a The Systems Thinking Approach®) and has many government, private and non-profit clients in Australia and internationally.

After starting his career in operations, planning and research with Unifoods Australia (Unilever), he became Research and Information Services Manager for Australian Meat Technology Pty Ltd in 1994, a CSIRO technology start-up and technology transfer company.

In 1998 he was an early hire by Meat and Livestock Australia Ltd, where he held several executive positions over 16 years, most recently as Manager Knowledge & Program Evaluation including development of a company-wide framework for Knowledge Management.

He has been a sessional academic and research associate at Queensland University of Technology Executive MBA and the Centre for Program Evaluation (CPE) at The University of Melbourne.

Lewis is a unique innovation professional. He has a solid technical and financial grounding which, combined with his systems thinking super-powers, enables him to see patterns, pathways, and solutions that others don’t. His optimistic bias means he is willing to make the most of limited resources. Lewis’s learning journey has yielded many practical commercial outcomes and that’s the way he likes it.

He now works with clients all over Australia and internationally facilitating and consulting in Strategic Planning & Management, Innovation, Cross-boundary Collaboration and Research Leadership Development.
Dr. Lewis Atkinson