Full Name
Dan Bruder
Job Title
CEO and Instructor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship
Blendification and University of Colorado, Boulder
Speaker Bio
Dan Bruder, Co-founder and CEO of Blendification, has dedicated his career to blending work and life and empowering people to unlock their potential through meaningful workplace experiences. As the creator of Blendification®, Dan envisions a world where companies and employees connect seamlessly, driving personal and professional growth.

Blendification provides AI-powered software solutions, including the Strategy Wizard and Strategy Whiteboard for strategic planning and implementation and the Personal Whiteboard for employee development. These innovative applications integrate generative AI, digital frameworks, and step-by-step workflows to facilitate collaboration, growth, and alignment between company objectives and individual aspirations. Blendification's transformative approach has been recognized through its incorporation into MBA and Executive MBA programs, as well as through Dan's book, “The Blendification® System,” and his popular TEDx Talk, which has garnered over 225k views.

Drawing from decades of experience in leadership and executive roles across diverse industries such as corporate banking and hospitality, Dan developed Blendification to respond to the untapped potential he witnessed in the workplace. His unique perspective has positioned him as a thought leader at the intersection of business and personal development.

Beyond Blendification, Dan is an accomplished MBA faculty member at CU, Boulder, and has taught in the Executive MBA program at Colorado State University. He resides in Superior, CO, with his wife of over 30 years and has two adult children. Embodying the spirit of Blendification, Dan continues to inspire others to leverage the power of AI and strategic planning to create a more fulfilling and purpose-driven work environment.
Dan Bruder