Full Name
Kris Schaeffer
Job Title
CEO and Conscious Consultant
Kris Schaeffer & Associates
Speaker Bio
"Kris Schaeffer followed the arc of her professional work and career in service to become one of the first consultants certified in Conscious Capitalism, a movement to transform business to be a force for good in the world.

Her professional work for companies ranging from the Fortune 50 to start ups has focused on large systems change. Here she used her Certification as a Professional in Talent Development to create long-term change in how the organization and employees improved and aligned to the company’s key strategic initiatives. The success of these projects was measured by increased sales, improved customer service, and higher levels of employee skills.

Kris was honored by the Association for Talent Development with a Lifetime Volunteer Achievement Award. She served her professional association and the non-profit community by leading the Community Outreach Program which marshaled the expertise of professionals to serve the human resource needs of non-profits.

Kris has worked with the IASP US/West Coast chapter for two years to present Conscious Capitalism tenets and tools for strategy professionals. Many of the practices of strategy professionals are similar to Conscious Capitalism, but some have a greater impact on creating inspirational momentum from the C-suite to all stakeholders."
Kris Schaeffer