Full Name
Kimberly Allen
U.S. Secret Services
Speaker Bio
Kim Allen is a supervisory analyst (Branch Chief) within the Secret Service’s Office of Strategic Planning
and Policy, Enterprise Strategy Division (ESD). She oversees development and execution of the
agency’s strategic planning activities, including publishing a periodic strategy newsletter, overseeing a
strategy-oriented speaker series, and ensuring budget requests are strategy-informed. She has worked
on four 5-year Strategic Plans for the agency over the last 17 years. Mrs. Allen holds a Masters Degree
in Educational Measurement and Statistics from the University of Iowa, and a Bachelor of Science
degree in psychology and writing from Northern Michigan University. She is an IASP-certified Strategic
Planning Professional and holds Strategic Planning certification and Key Performance Indicator
certification from the Balanced Scorecard Institute. She has attended courses in strategic foresight
from The Kedge Futures School, LBL Strategies, and the University of Houston College of Technology.
Kimberly Allen