Blended Learning for Classroom Guitar: Before, During, and After Covid

Saturday, January 29, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Now, more than ever, blended learning is an invaluable tool for music education. In this session, educators will be introduced to a blended learning curriculum for classroom guitar. A blended learning approach to teaching guitar uses a combination of available online material with, or without, a hard-copy book. The blended learning component is not designed to replace the teacher, but to provide the teacher with a pedagogical tool to make learning fun and meaningful. Ways of using blended learning courseware, whether students are in class daily, at home, or in class part time, will be presented. How to develop well-rounded curriculum content, sequences of skill development, include composition and improvisation material, and how to incorporate guitar ensembles available in the blended learning content into the guitar curriculum will also be discussed.

Learning Objective 1
Teachers will feel more confident and prepared in utilizing blended learning to enhance their guitar classes.
Learning Objective 2
Participants will have an understanding of developing a sequential guitar curriculum.
Learning Objective 3
Ensemble literature and application will be presented.
Target Audiences
Session Level
MS/JH, High School
Session Type