Resonance and Registers: Teaching Our Singers the Foundations of Fantastic Singing

Saturday, January 29, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Do the words "Sing that part more in your head voice..." or "This is a great place to use your chest voice..." or even "Tenors, get ready - this next part is right smack in the middle of your pasaggio..." sound vaguely familiar to you? More than likely, you've heard or uttered these words many times around or to your students - we all have! But I'd like to invite you to ask yourself this question, and try to answer without using the words "head," "chest," "falsetto," "deep," or "high": what are vocal registers and how do they function when we sing? If you, like I once did, find yourself struggling to answer that question to your own satisfaction, or are wondering how you might answer a student if they had asked you that, then this workshop is for you! In our time together, we'll explore the functionality of the human voice in a way that demystifies all the jargon that has built up around fantastic singing technique. We'll deconstruct these all-important issues and look at what they actually mean in terms of producing fabulous vocalism. And we'll put them all together and see how they help build a voice into rich, vibrant, exciting sound, like that of the great singers of years gone by. Come join me to rediscover the Foundations of Fantastic Singing - let us empower each other, as both singers and teachers, to continue turning our students into the best performers that they can be!

Learning Objective 1
To understand the definition of "vocal registers" and identify them by examining their function in each voice type.
Learning Objective 2
To understand the difference between "registers" and "resonance," especially when it comes to the singer's passaggio
Learning Objective 3
To identify the aural difference when one hears register "weight" in a singer, when registers are imbalanced.
Target Audiences
Choral, General Education
Session Level
High School, Collegiate
Session Type