Cows, Chess, and Musical Expertise

Saturday, January 29, 2022
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM


Expert musicians possess more than high levels of technical proficiency. Young music students on the path to expertise must develop skills in chunking, motor programming and monitoring of musical patterns while, concurrently, using performance of music to create a high quality musical mental map. Through lecture and performance demonstration, the session will examine strategies for teaching your students to convert a series of “tones†into meaningful mental representations accessible for sight-reading, music memorization and as a foundation for expressive interpretation.

Learning Objective 1
To learn teaching skills in the application of music theory directly towards the instrument.
Learning Objective 2
To learn teaching skills for directing single line reading students to train their eye to see and aurally hear music. as more than a single stream of notes. s.
Learning Objective 3
To learn teaching skills in developing a quality musical mental map.
Target Audiences
Strings, Band
Session Level
Middle School/Junior High, High School, Collegiate
Session Type