Standards Based Grading in the Band Classroom

Saturday, January 29, 2022
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM


School districts across the state of Michigan are providing Professional Development sessions on Standards Based Grading and asking band directors to incorporate a Standards Based Grading model in their classrooms. This session aims to answer the following questions: What is "Standards Based Grading?" What is it not? What challenges do band directors face when implementing Standards Based Grading in their classroom? What are the benefits of incorporating a Standards Based Grading Model in the band classroom? Attendees will receive useable classroom materials for their beginning band that incorporate a Standards Based Grading approach to teaching band as well as materials with ideas to reimagine lesson plans, assessments, and organization and maintenance of a gradebook.

Learning Objective 1
Learner will understand the basic background information on Standards Based Grading
Learning Objective 2
Learner will be able to incorporate new learning activities in their band classroom.
Learning Objective 3
Learner will be able to incorporate new assessments and grading practices in their classroom.
Target Audiences
Session Level
Elementary, MS/JH
Session Type