Full Name
Jeff Miller
Miller Research
Speaker Bio
Jeff Miller was raised on a research farm in southern Idaho. He earned a B.S. degree in Botany—Biotechnology from BYU in 1994 and M.S. (1996) and Ph.D. (1998) degrees in Plant Pathology at Washington State University working on potato late blight. Jeff worked for two years at the University of Minnesota and six years at the University of Idaho in Aberdeen as a potato pathologist conducting research on pink rot, powdery scab, early blight, late blight, silver scurf, black dot, Rhizoctonia, and Verticillium wilt. Jeff now operates his own business in southern Idaho, Miller Research, where he conducts research on crop production and pest management. Jeff has been a member of PAA since 1994 and has served in various positions in the Plant Protection Section and is a Sustaining Member.