Novel Methods to Induce Sprouting in Dormant Potato Tubers
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 8:15 AM

Dormancy prevents tubers from sprouting, which creates a challenge for seed certification agencies to conduct post-harvest virus testing on sprouted tubers. The objective of this study was to identify novel methods to induce sprouting in dormant potato tubers. Preliminary studies indicated aerosol smoke treatments resulted in dormancy break 13 to 20 days prior to untreated control (UTC) in three varieties. Effectiveness of aerosol smoke, along with other treatments, were further evaluated in a second year. Temperature fluctuations, a gibberellic acid dip (GA), various smoke durations, and a combination of smoke and GA dip were applied to Clearwater Russet (CW), Umatilla Russet (UR), and Russet Burbank (RB) and stored at 18.3°C. Sprout rating, number, and length were evaluated weekly and sprout weight collected at the final evaluation. Independent trials were conducted in October (29 days after harvest; DAH), November (48 DAH), and December (78 DAH). In the October trial, smoke combined with GA broke dormancy 15 days after treatment (DAT) in RB and CW, and 28 DAT in UR compared to the UTC (40, 33, and 40 DAT, respectively). There were significantly higher sprout weights (per 20 tubers) with smoke (6.2g), GA (5.8g), and combination (13g) treatments compared to UTC (2.6g) and temperature fluctuations (1.0g and 1.3g) at 48 DAT. Varieties responded similarly to treatments, although UR was more responsive to GA alone and less responsive to smoke with GA compared to RB and CW. Tubers treated in November and December responded comparatively to the October trial, except time to dormancy break was shorter and temperature fluctuation treatments had lower sprout development than UTC. Regardless of variety and time of application, smoke alone and the combination of smoke with GA increased sprout development. Novel smoke treatments stimulated rapid sprout initiation and development in dormant tubers to facilitate earlier post-harvest virus testing.

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