Repeated Measures: Music and Research
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 1:45 PM
Pamela J.s. Hutchinson

There is a relationship between being a musician and having enhanced math and statistical skills. Scientists and musicians both use “formulas†and “theories†to solve problems. Brain scans have shown that musical training can change brain structure. A faster, more stable pathway is created between the right and left lobe. This connective advantage gives a musician the ability to make decisions quickly, efficiently, and creatively - skills needed to be an effective and inventive problem solver. There is also a correlation between the parts of the brain that handle rhythmic timing and problem-solving. Drummers have an intuitive understanding of the rhythmic patterns that are all around them. Drummers can detect patterns in visual tasks; patterns such as the distribution and density of weed species. Successfully comparing the weed patterns in one test plot versus the patterns in another is critical to determining good versus bad weed control. Being a musician, particularly a drummer, means being a good researcher and weed scientist.

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