Ashley Halladay-Schmandt

Northwest Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness

Ashley Halladay-Schmandt
Ashley is currently the Director of the Northwest Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness. She has been involved in the work to end homelessness for over 10 years. 
Starting as a case manager with Community Mental Health on Chicago's west-
side, to now beginning a new role as the Director of the Northwest Michigan
Coalition to End Homelessness, Ashley has experience working throughout all
levels of the homeless service system. 
Ashley has been involved with the NWCEH since 2013, and held and integral role in implementing one of the nation's first rural-led Youth Homeless Demonstration Projects.  She has experience
implementing Coordinated Entry, Diversion, Street Outreach and Rapid
Rehousing programs. Ashley knows that homelessness can become rare, brief
and one-time in every region of Michigan if we stay dedicated to systems
change, accountability, collaboration and data driven decision making.  She
believes in continuous improvement and the idea that there is
always room to grow, more to learn, and innovative solutions to
some of our most complex problems.