Laurel Burchfield

Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness

Laurel Burchfield
Laurel Burchfield is the Associate Director of the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness (MCAH). Burchfield manages the day to day operations of MCAH’s advocacy work, including the monthly meetings of the Legislative Action Committee (LAC), the annual Homelessness Advocacy Day, and the Our Homes, Our Votes 2020 campaign in Michigan.

She also leads the organization’s efforts to break down the stigma and stereotypes of homelessness through storytelling with public awareness activities and the Michigan Homeless Speakers Bureau.

Previously, Burchfield advocated for improved public transit as the Transportation for Michigan coalition coordinator.

Burchfield earned B.A.s in English and History from the University of Kansas, and an M.A .in International Peace & Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University. She interned with the Nyerere Peace Education Center in Tanzania and the Conflict and Early Warning and Response Mechanism in Ethiopia.