Full Name
Susan Williams
Job Title
Strategic Advisor
Beyond Common Consulting
Speaker Bio
Susan Williams is a professional strategist and project administrator whose primary goal is to ensure equity for the underserved, overlooked, and those who have been traumatized by homelessness. Her specialty is reviewing current practices within agencies and organizations that serve the homeless to ensure there is diversity, equity, and inclusion in their day-to-day interactions with those who have and are experiencing homelessness.

Susan has a masters in project management, a masters in business leadership, and a bachelors in health administration.
Susan is a person with lived experience of homelessness. She has experienced homelessness multiple times so she can speak well to the holes in the system and how trauma strongly informs the journey to stability.

Susan loves the direct interaction with agencies and organizations that are seeking to improve. She’s a long-time believer in that no one agency or organization can end homelessness but, that if we can connect without competition or ego we already have the power, potential, and capacity to end it now.”
Susan Williams