Full Name
Vern Gustafsson
Pontiac Housing Commission
Speaker Bio
Vern Gustafsson is the Project Director and Planner for the Pontiac Housing Commission. His work informs the agency’s strategic projects through a deep wealth of experience as a longtime development and planning director. Mr. Gustafsson has served over 40 communities in the Great Lakes region in the areas of: data-based technical planning, zoning, economic development, targeted-implementation of development projects and community, corridor, and neighborhood comprehensive plans. His career has led him to Oakland County, where he utilizes his in-depth and high-level knowledge of urban economic research, placemaking strategies and zoning to analyze and innovate housing solutions. Mr. Gustafsson’s work bolsters the mission of the PHC and all surrounding housing agencies as an expert in his field, navigating communications between the commission, elected officials, residents, and developers.
Vern Gustafsson