Full Name
Jeff Washburne
Burlington Associates in Community Development, LLC
Speaker Bio
Jeff Washburne is an Associate with Burlington Associates and is working with several community land trusts nationally. He transitioned away from the City of Lakes Community Land Trust (CLCLT) in 2023 after serving as the Director since its incorporation in November of 2002. Over the 20+ year tenure with the CLCLT the organization was able to assist over 490 low-income homeowners into the Community Land Trust homeownership with over 375 homes in trust. Through his tenure, the CLCLT grew to become one of the largest ownership Community Land Trusts in the nation, creatively using the Community Land Trust in many groundbreaking ways. Over time, the CLCLT created and spun off a Commercial Land Trust, an Agricultural Land Trust and is currently working with partner organizations to establish the first African American Community Land Trust in the Twin Cities. For work in Minnesota where Jeff had pre-existing relationships, he utilizes his own consulting LLC, Everlong Consulting. In this capacity he currently serves as the contract administrator for the MN CLT Coalition, supporting the 13 community land trusts in Minnesota with advocacy, policy, technical assistance, fundraising, and coalition building. He also facilitates the collaborative work of the seven Twin Cities Metro Community Land Trusts through Twin Cities LISC.
Jeff Washburne