Full Name
Nichole DeVries
ICCF Community Homes
Speaker Bio
Nichole DeVries is the lead Bilingual Housing Counselor and Educator at ICCF Community Homes, a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency and affordable housing non-profit in Grand Rapids, MI. As HUD-certified housing counselors, she and her team provide group homebuyer education classes and individual pre-purchase counseling, supporting first-time homebuyers with information, resources & follow-up in both English and Spanish. Nichole also organizes and provides direction for ICCF's homeownership services: housing counseling and education, Individual Development Account grant, and Community Homes Land Trust. She has an educational background in Spanish, Linguistics, and Sociology. Prior to ICCF, she worked at Cherry Health, a community-based health center. ICCF Homeownership Program participants especially appreciate Nichole’s talent for taking complex technical processes and making them approachable and understandable to homebuyers of all backgrounds.
Nichole DeVries