Full Name
Shannon M Morgan
Job Title
Managing Partner
Renovare Development
Speaker Bio
Shannon is a dedicated advocate for community and home, fueled by her passion for creating vibrant and inclusive spaces. As a mother of two boys, one of whom is on the Autism spectrum, she deeply understands the significance of fostering supportive environments. With over 25 years of experience in the housing sector, Shannon has become a seasoned expert in building, rehabilitating, and developing properties across both urban and rural landscapes throughout the United States.

Throughout her illustrious career, Shannon has spearheaded the completion of over 20,000 units of housing, leaving an indelible mark on the built environment. Her work has been instrumental in reshaping neighborhoods and breathing new life into communities. During the challenging times of the housing crisis, Shannon's leadership shone brightly as she collaborated with legislators and municipalities in Michigan and Ohio to devise innovative solutions through the Neighborhood Stabilization Programs.

Currently serving as the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Renovare Development, based in Ypsilanti, MI, Shannon continues her mission to drive positive social impact through development projects. Renovare Development, a woman-owned enterprise, reflects Shannon's commitment to fostering equitable and sustainable communities.

Shannon's dedication and expertise have not gone unnoticed. She was honored with induction into the Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame in 2021, recognizing her outstanding contributions to the industry. In 2019, Shannon received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Redevelopment in Brownfield from the Center for Creative Land Recycling, highlighting her transformative work in revitalizing neglected areas. Additionally, her efforts were celebrated in 2018 when she was named Affordable Housing Developer of the Year by LOCUS and Smart Growth America, further solidifying her reputation as a leader in her field.

Beyond her professional achievements, Shannon actively contributes to various boards and councils, including the National Steering Committee for LOCUS/Smart Growth America, the Technical Assistance Advisory Council for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and The Housing Plan Partner Advisory Council for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA). Her involvement in these organizations underscores her commitment to shaping policies and initiatives that promote sustainable growth and community well-being.

In addition to her board commitments, Shannon lends her expertise to the Urban Land Institute MI Advisory Board and the Michigan Sense of Place Council, further demonstrating her dedication to advancing thoughtful urban development and placemaking strategies. Shannon's tireless advocacy and leadership continue to inspire positive change, making her a respected figure in the realm of housing and community development.
Shannon M Morgan