Full Name
Sheree Bouchee
Center for Public Enterprise
Speaker Bio
Sheree Bouchee is a seasoned Housing Director at the Center for Public Enterprise, with eighteen years of dedicated service in the public sector. She has a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University.
In her current capacity, Sheree collaborates closely with local and state government agencies, advocacy groups, esteemed researchers, and academia to spearhead the development and execution of cutting-edge housing strategies. Her mission is to foster the seamless integration of innovative housing development programs and financing methodologies, ensuring sustainable and inclusive communities for all.
Prior to her tenure at the Center for Public Enterprise, Sheree oversaw Arizona’s LIHTC programs and managing federally funded housing development initiatives across seven municipalities. Notably, her tenure as the Affordable Housing Advocate for the City of Phoenix saw the inception and implementation of groundbreaking housing policy initiatives, poised to yield the creation of 50,000 housing units by 2030.
Sheree's unwavering commitment to housing advocacy and her track record of transformative leadership underscore her pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of housing development and affordability.
Sheree Bouchee