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Siree Morris
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Siree I. Morris, a Project Reap Alum is a lifelong Newark resident who graduated from Rutgers University in 2005 with a degree in Civil Engineering. Siree was then hired as a Site Design Civil Engineer. Having designed for clients such as Walmart, Walgreens, Barnes and Nobles, Costco, Pathmark, Wegmans, Bed Bath and Beyond, Loews, Home Depot, Wachovia, Chase Bank, BJ’s and Stop & Shop, Mr. Morris has become proficient in the various aspects of land development such as site planning and layout, acquisition analysis, stormwater management, construction and development. Siree designed and obtained approvals for over 2,000 acres of raw land in New Jersey.
Siree began to understand the importance of sustaining the marketability of a development through adequate property management and construction practices. As a result, in 2013 he strategically incorporated MCI Property Management and Construction, LLC. The vertically integrated company builds and manages properties throughout Northern, NJ. Siree is currently working on some of the most innovative projects in the state of NJ such as the first multi family home made from shipping containers in 2015. This project was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, He converted a 6 acre demolished baseball stadium into America’s first black owned drive-in movie theater, Newark Moonlight Cinema. This drive-in was featured on NBC, ABC, Good Morning America, CBS, CNBC, NPR, BBC etc as it serviced over 30,000 customers in 4 months. Through his ventures he has provided over 100 full time jobs in the local community.
His impact was featured in the Wall Street Journal, NY times, commercial observer and he was listed as a top person of color influencer for ROI-NJ for 2021. He approaches revitalization through the lens of economics, housing, employment and entertainment. The future looks bright as the MCI has 600 units scheduled to be developed in the next 5 years.
Siree Morris