Full Name
Brynn Cooksey
Air Doctors Heating and Cooling LLC
Speaker Bio
Brynn Cooksey, CEM, CMS, RCT, was named one of ESCO's Top 25 Most Influential HVACR Instructors of 2024.

He has been in the Building Science industry for over 20 years. Brynn specializes in residential and commercial building performance. A genuine product of his environment, he started his career as an employee of his family’s heating, cooling, and refrigeration business. He is currently the Owner and General Manager of Air Doctors Heating and Cooling, a building performance contracting company in Belleville, Michigan.

Brynn is an RSES Certified Technical Trainer and a Certified Technical Educator from the ESCO group. In addition, Brynn is also a Professor at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Additionally, Brynn is a training consultant for mechanical contractors, HVACR supply distributors, and HVACR training organizations. Brynn is a regular technical contributor for the RSES Journal, BPA Journal, and RSES Webinar series. Brynn holds several degrees and certifications in the HVACR and Building Science industries.

Brynn is an active member of many trade organizations, including ACCA, ASHRAE, BPA, and RSES.
Brynn Cooksey