Full Name
Alexandra Makohn
Job Title
Manager, Homeowner Assistance Team
Southwest Economic Solutions
Speaker Bio
Alex Makohn, is currently the Homeownership Assistance Programs Manager at Southwest Economic Solutions (SWES). She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in International Development. After graduation, Alex began serving with AmeriCorps at SWES and has been with the organization ever since. She has been working in the housing counseling space for over 4 years. At her current role, she manages the Homeownership Assistance Team at SWES, that focuses on providing services to first-time homebuyers to promote wealth building and ensure that residents facing foreclosure receive assistance to preserve their ownership. Alex is a NeighborWorks and HUD-certified housing counselor and is the NeighborWorks Strategic Business Initiative Lead for Southwest Solutions. Alex has experience working directly in the community and has been a canvasser in Detroit, promoting property tax foreclosure resources.
Alexandra Makohn