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If you need to:

  • Add Clock Hour Registration (SCECHs) [page 1- Begin Registration]
    • Only available for registrant type: Educators
  • Build Your Schedule [page 3 - Build Your Schedule]
  • Pay an Outstanding Balance [page 4 - Payment/Confirmation]
  • Change/add a Profile Photo [page 2 - Personal Information]

You can do so by simply modifying your registration

Receiving Your Clock Hours (SCECHs) - registration required

If you have registered for Clock Hours (SCECHs), you will receive your credit for each session so long as you are present for the full duration. Your session activity is being automatically tracked through our system.

An e-mail will be sent from MOECS to the account you indicate with instructions regarding a post-MMC evaluation. Completion of this evaluation is a Michigan Department of Education requirement. Failure to complete WILL result in forfeiture of any credits earned at the Michigan Music Conference.

"Do I need to select and 'build my schedule' in order to attend sessions?"
No! Registrants may attend any session of their choosing on the "View Sessions" page. The 'Build Your Schedule' function is simply a tool to use for those that would like to save or bookmark specific sessions that they are interested in attending to show on their home screen.


Virtual Session Viewing Tips:

  1. Ensure your machine / server allows access to ZOOM. Consider using a personal computer or network if your organization's does not allow.
  2. If you have experienced more success with or prefer to utilize the ZOOM app on your mobile device to view these sessions, please use the link in your access email on your mobile device to log in to the platform and be directed to the ZOOM mobile app once you select "View Session"

All participants will be muted upon entering the session and will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions by utilizing the chat feature.

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