Assessment of productivity and adaptability of Korea potato varieties in Vietnam during 2018-2019


We have been developing suitable potato varieties for export to countries in Central and Southeast Asia. we conducted to assess ‘Eunsun’, ‘Gangsun’, ‘Susun’ which are Korea potato varieties in terms of productivity and adaptability in two regions of Vietnam in 2018~2019. The average stem length of varieties was 41.6 to 54.1cm. ‘Susun’ grew longer than ‘Atlantic’ and ‘Eunsun’ grew shorter. The average yield for two years in Dalat was 25.3 to 32.7 ton/ha and was higher than in Hanoi. ‘Susun’ and ‘Gangsun’ was given more yield than ‘Atlantic’ in ‘Dalat’, but two varieties were few in Hanoi. ‘Eunsun’ was similar in both regions. Average starch content between varieties by regions was higher in Dalat than Hanoi, which was lower in Hanoi because potato was grown in paddy soil. ‘Atlantic’ had a higher starch content than other varieties in two regions.
Extension, Production, and Management