Masterclass: Strategic Foresight 101: Navigating Change for Resilient Strategies
Date & Time
Monday, June 3, 2024, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Dana Prymak Heather Galbraith Jeny Mathew-Thusoo

Building on the Institute for the Future’s framework of Prepare-Foresight-Insight-Action, this workshop will introduce attendees to how The City of Calgary’s Resilience team, the University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work, and the strategic planning team at Thompson Rivers University use foresight to proactively engage with the future. The workshop will focus on actionable tools that enable participants to prepare their organizations to adapt faster to new challenges, building resilience and hope. By involving diverse perspectives and encouraging anticipation, organizations can tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of their workforce and interested communities. Additionally, this workshop will place a strong emphasis on centering equity and qualities of city resilience that can be applied across institutions ensuring a holistic approach that honors diverse perspectives within foresight practices for more inclusive and comprehensive strategic planning. This participatory approach fosters a culture of forward-thinking, innovation, and adaptability, enabling organizations to better respond to emerging challenges and capitalize on future opportunities. The workshop will be highly participatory, engaging participants in exercises that foster the skills necessary for envisioning and crafting robust strategies, encouraging proactive thinking, and laying the groundwork for a culture that values foresight and innovation. Participants will leave the workshop with a foresight starter toolkit, which will serve as a compass for strategy implementation and foresight practice, empowering them to navigate their professional landscapes with preparedness, creativity, and strategic foresight.

Location Name
Banff (3rd Floor)
Full Address
Fairmont Palliser
133 9 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2P 2M3