Full Name
Mark Bills
Speaker Bio
Mark has over thirty years of experience helping companies use new and emerging technologies to improve
their competitive position, grow their revenues, and improve their operating performance. He has earned this
experience as a business and technology executive and a management consultant to Fortune 1000®
companies in many industries.
Mark’s executive experience includes the following:
• Served as CEO for several technology-focused business units, including:
o AI-driven analytics products company for a large information services provider
o Web services business for a market-leading desktop software provider
• Served as “lead operator” for a Private Equity firm specializing in turnarounds. Led the successful
turnaround of a food services company by using new technologies to drive revenue growth and cost
savings. Sold the company to a publicly traded industry leader.
• Served as technology leader for a market-leading paint manufacturer. Led the design and execution of a
successful digital transformation that included all aspects of the company’s operations.
Mark’s consulting experience includes the following:
• Currently leading teams applying generative AI and other AI/ML technologies to help PE firm portfolio
companies improve their financial performance and customer engagement, and help a boutique
consulting firm improve the productivity of its professional staff.
• Led team that designed and developed a product/service development platform for a large
telecommunication services provider that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue for
the company. The sale of the development platform to international carriers generated billions of dollars
in revenue.
Mark is active in his professional community. His community leadership experience includes:
• Served as President of local chapters of the Strategic Management Association and the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
• Served as Founding Board Member for Loyola University Chicago’s Center for Bioinformatics.
Mark also has over twenty years of experience as an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate and Executive MBA
courses on product development, strategy development/execution, and innovation management at the
University of Southern California and Loyola University Chicago.
Mark earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Southern
California. He has continued his learning by completing several Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI),
Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning certificate programs.
Mark Bills