Music of the Sea: Lyrical Creation and Improvisation Through Chanteys

Saturday, January 29, 2022
2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


Sea chanteys are work songs that were used aboard square-rigged sailing ships. Chanteymen were highly skilled improvisers who were able to string out a song as long as necessary to complete a job, whether that was adjusting the sails, raising the anchor, moving cargo, or pumping out the ship. In this session, learn how to teach your students to sing pre-existing chantey verses as they build comfort with solo and group singing, then create their own verses in lengths of one to three lines.

Learning Objective 1
The learner will be able to explain the purpose of work songs, specifically chanteys and their historical maritime context.
Learning Objective 2
The learner will be able to accurately sing all parts of a call and response song with provided lyrics.
Learning Objective 3
The learner will be able to create original lyrics for a call and response song via writing and/or vocal improvisation.
Target Audiences
Elementary, General Education
Session Level
Elementary, Middle School/Junior High, High School, Collegiate
Session Type