Caring in Public: Community-Managed Open Space as Social Infrastructure (Mobile Workshop)
Date & Time
Wednesday, September 7, 2022, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Community gardens are increasingly understood as an important part of cities’ social infrastructure—the physical spaces, organizations, and actions that support civic life. But local control of these spaces can be beyond the reach of many communities who often lack key institutional resources such as insurance, 501(c)3 status and funds to invest in environmental remediation and infrastructure. In this mobile workshop, participants will visit four community-managed spaces in four different Chicago communities on the South and West sides. They will meet garden leaders and gain an understanding of how the spaces are stewarded and what they mean to neighbors. Participants will learn about the model of NeighborSpace, Chicago’s nonprofit land trust for community-managed open spaces, which takes responsibility for land ownership, permitting, insurance, environmental remediation, and water access—allowing community groups to focus on community organizing and programming. Participants will learn about the NeighborSpace model, its history, funding, programs, and governance. 

Session Type
Mobile Workshop