Neighborhood Associations Uplifting Resident Voices and Reclaiming Blocks and Public Spaces: Case Study of RAGE in Englewood (Mobile Workshop)
Date & Time
Thursday, September 8, 2022, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Asiaha Butler

RAGE is a grassroots neighborhood association of nearly 400 residents of Greater Englewood. It is the only multi-issue, multi-platform residents’ association that builds external agency for a community that has experienced historic disinvestment and generational poverty. RAGE has also been at the heart of initiatives to revitalize underutilized and vacant spaces in Englewood. In this mobile workshop, attendees will see how residents band together to reclaim their blocks. We’ll share information about innovative programs, like Chicago’s Large Lots program—which allows residents to purchase up to two vacant lots for $1 to build community and promote peace and art—and RAGE’s Buy the Block homeownership education program. Join us to learn more about this approach to growing a community culture into a movement that uplifts and focuses on the positive attributes of Englewood.

Session Type
Mobile Workshop