Improving Resident Access to Land: Lessons from Detroit 
Date & Time
Thursday, September 8, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Savannah Robbins

As the owner-of-last-resort in a city with more than 140,000 vacant lots, the Detroit Land Bank Authority (DLBA) has pioneered strategies and tools for acquiring, managing, and disposing of vacant land. To date, the DLBA has sold more than 21,000 lots to residents and sells hundreds more each month. In 2020, the DLBA launched a new comprehensive vacant land policy. This new policy aims to increase resident access to land and builds upon DLBA’s long-running Side Lot program to create new channels for selling vacant land. In this session, DLBA staff will discuss the origin, development, and details of every step in the organization’s vacant land programs, including bulk acquisition, maintaining properties, preparing properties for sale, listing properties at scale, active inventory management, marketing properties to residents, and completing sales. In addition to this procedural summary, staff will share the underlying philosophy and vision of the new policy, and candidly discuss the past and ongoing challenges of balancing competing interest in the future of the city’s vacant land.

Session Type
Breakout Session