Full Name
Evaine K. Sing
Job Title
Community Consultant
EKS Solutions LLC
Speaker Bio
Dr. Evaine K. Sing has a background in landscape architecture, public policy, nonprofit management and social science research. For over 15 years, she has worked on the ground in under-served communities providing technical assistance to residents, partners, and local governments. Her primary focus has been on vacant land and how the landscape shapes both people and the places in which they live, work and play. Evaine holds a BLA from Virginia Tech, MSPPM from Carnegie Mellon's Heinz Collage, and a DSocSci from Royal Roads University.

EKS Solutions was established in 2019 with a goal of encouraging communities to take ownership of their surrounding environment and implement creative, sustainable solutions that can lead to larger changes and with partners at the policy and decision-making level to ensure pathways for change exist.

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Evaine K. Sing