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Andrew Kieve
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Speaker Bio
Andrew Kieve is the co-founder and CEO of Tolemi, a civic technology company that builds spatial analytics and business intelligence software for local governments. Tolemi’s mission is to unlock the wealth of municipal data and empower cities to be more strategic, efficient, and evidence-based. Their BuildingBlocks application brings together data on property and neighborhood conditions from across siloed departments into a single, map-based analytical tool. They help track problem owners across shell LLC’s, measure neighborhood blight, and predict vacancy. In addition to code enforcement, their software is helping fire departments to assess community risk, housing officials to model displacement, and city leadership to measure key performance indicators. Prior to Tolemi, Andrew was a management consultant with Innosight, where he helped Fortune 50 executives in healthcare and finance manage disruptive innovation. Andrew has a BA in International Relations from Stanford University and a bilingual MBA from IESE Universidad in Barcelona and Yale University.