Full Name
Nneka Nnamdi
Job Title
Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Fight Blight Bmore
Speaker Bio
Nneka N'namdi is Baltimore based entrepreneur engaged in social mission driven entrepreneurship and community wellness work. She endeavors to apply a mix of traditional African and modern African American social, economic and spiritual practices as a framework for living. As a member of The Living Well team she curates community space for artistic, economic and social ventures. Skilled in creating healing spaces and teaching practical ways of managing trauma Nneka and her sister Maya Onyango have created SisterGather, events for women of African descent to bond, heal and grow. Her study includes initiation in the practice of IFA, Principles of Trauma Informed Care as well as a Master's in Management with a specialization in Organizational Leadership. Her artistic experience includes West African dance with Sankofa Dance Theater, Dishibem, Urban Foli , Wombworks and #BaltimoreGirls. She is a graduate of two of Baltimore's most prestigious educational institutions: Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and Morgan State University. She lives in Upton with her two sons. Upton is one of Baltimore's most blighted neighborhoods and her lived experience there has given birth to Fight Blight Bmore, a social and environmental justice tool for residents to identify, report and track blight.