Full Name
Ed Nusser
Job Title
Executive Director
City of Bridges CLT
Speaker Bio
Ed Nusser has served as the Executive Director of City of Bridges CLT since 2019. Prior to this position Ed was the Director of Real Estate for CBCLT, and the Real Estate and Planning Manager for Lawrenceville Corporation. As Executive Director Ed is responsible for the operation and administration of City of Bridges Community Land Trust (CBCLT), while working to fulfill its mission to “build community ownership that preserves permanent affordability, empowers individuals, and ensures responsible growth and stewardship.”

Since their inception in 2019, CBCLT has created and stewarded 19 permanently affordable homes, assembled financing for groundbreaking on 12 more homes in 2022, and initiated predevelopment on a 25 unit leveraged NMTC transaction. In addition to real estate development, Ed has worked alongside partner organizations and coalitions to advance housing justice in our city and region on efforts ranging from the creation of the City of Pittsburgh's Affordable Housing Trust Fund to the adoption of an Inclusionary Zoning Overlay District in Lawrenceville.
Ed Nusser