Full Name
Christa Stoneham
Job Title
Houston Land Bank
Speaker Bio
Christa Stoneham is a community development professional with over 15 years of experience. As a graduate of the only community development program in Texas and having a decade of consistent work within municipalities, Christa has honed her experiences to include: a strong understanding of government processes and procedures; establishing rapport and relationships that lead to strong collaborations with partners; fundraising for sustainable impact projects; procuring resources that help expand access and equity; and enhancing communication and connection with disengaged, underserved and under-resourced communities.

Ms. Stoneham understands and implements the leadership and stewardship needed to maximize neighborhoods' full potential. Therefore, Christa was appointed as the CEO and President of the Houston Land Bank to facilitate and fundraise equitable transformational developments in Houston's most vulnerable and underestimated communities. Since its creation, the Houston Land Bank has reactivated more than $76 million worth of property.

During her eight-year tenure at the City of Houston and the Mayor's Office, Christa directed and fundraised over $30 Million, 600 community development projects and programs, and impacted over 20,000 residents in Houston's most vulnerable and underestimated communities.

Christa Stoneham is inclusive and inspiring, trustworthy, thoughtful, and resourceful. She thoroughly understands the need to listen to the people's needs to effectively begin projects that will leave a positive and lasting impact. Christa Stoneham is a native of Dublin, California, and is a proud graduate of Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). At PVAMU, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture, a Master of Architecture degree, and a Master of Community Development degree to improve the overall quality of life at the neighborhood and municipal level. She is a graduate of the Houston Black Leadership Institute (HBLI), a board member of Blueprint Houston, a task force member of Houston 2036, and an advisory board member of the Houston Freedmen's Town Conservancy. Her mission is to strengthen people with unique qualities to work together, collaboratively and productively, to strive for a purpose beyond ( and more significant than) themselves.
Christa Stoneham