Full Name
Samir Dalal
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Speaker Bio
Growing up loving nature and the power of a united community, Samir Dalal has shaped his career as an urban planner that focuses on the relationship between our physical environment, health, and community empowerment. Samir currently works as the Planning Manager for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Philadelphia LandCare Program with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, helping to turn vacant lots into community assets. He manages data for an inventory of over 12,000 vacant lots while maintaining relationships with the City of Philadelphia and community partners. After graduating with Bachelor's degrees from UC Irvine in Earth System Science and Public Health, Samir worked for 4 years coordinating community empowerment programs focused on youth mentorship, capacity building, and community planning. As a recent graduate with a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from NYU, Samir utilizes his knowledge in urban planning to work within communities to identify special projects for the local community that integrate the needs and desires of the community with PHS’s commitment to horticultural excellence.
Samir Dalal