Full Name
Curtis A. Whittaker
Speaker Bio
Curtis A. Whittaker, Sr., CPA is the Senior Pastor of the Progressive Community Church and the Pres./CEO of Families Anchored in Total Harmony, Inc. (FAITH CDC). FAITH CDC is a social, environmental and food justice organization that advocates for equitable access to resources that benefit black indigenous people of color in the city of Gary and throughout NW Indiana.

Rev. Curtis is a certified public accountant and a certified commercial farmer. His primary activity is to provide leadership and oversight of the programs of FAITH CDC of which Faith Farms & Orchard (FF&O), a USDA certified farm, is one such program. FF&O’s mission is to equip urban growers of all ages with the tools needed to become certified growers and to provide access to fresh produce.

Whittaker has been a guest lecturer on urban farming techniques and has been invited to present at:
• 2018 - University of Norte Dame’s Catholic Social Teaching Conference, “Interfaith Leadership for Integral Development: A Case Study from Gary, Indiana”
• 2019 – Valparaiso University Thirst for Clean Water Summit, “FAITH in Action: Creating a Sustainable Community through Faith”
• 2020 - Purdue University College of Ag/HHS MLK Event
Curtis A. Whittaker