Full Name
Kathy O’Brien
O’Brien & O’Brien, LLC
Speaker Bio
Kathy O’Brien is a practicing Architect, and General Contractor and Real Estate Broker with over 30 years of experience in residential construction; ranging from affordable housing, subdivisions, new construction and custom design. As President of O’Brien & O’Brien, LLC, a general contractor and Investment Company, Kathy’s firm has acquired properties from the Land Bank for the last five years targeting moderate to low-income vacant and abandoned properties needing redevelopment for community stabilization. Currently, Kathy’s focus is on developing abandoned vacant lots for new small multi-family structures, filling a gap in the existing housing market. As an architect, Kathy brings a dynamic perspective to the process of design, re-development and new development to her projects. Having grown up in a HUD community outside of Detroit, Kathy believes in quality design and construction regardless of income barriers.
Kathy’s construction firm has spent the last 21 years in rehab and development south of 61st within the City of Chicago and focuses exclusively on moderate income neighborhoods. Kathy’s architectural experience, spanning over 30 years, ranges from new construction subdivisions, custom multi-dollar one of kind homes, additions, remodels and rehabs. Currently the firm’s focus is on providing services and expert advice to investors or builders within the development community, including, but not limited to assisting rehabbers being able to bridge the experience gap from rehabbing to new construction. Kathy’s community work bridges and extends to helping other builders expand their experience.
Kathy O’Brien