Full Name
Stephen Firischmuth
Job Title
Tenant Leader
Creeks Edge Tenants Association
Speaker Bio
Stephen Frischmuth has been organizing with his neighbors in Austin, TX since 2016 at Creeks Edge Apartments, a 200-unit property. The Creeks Edge Tenants Association, supported by the community organization BASTA, has organized to stop dozens of evictions, fought back against unfair fees and fines, obtained countless repairs, and forced management to change their policies, including around towing and the acceptance of money orders. With the tenants association, Mr. Frischmuth has conducted extensive outreach to his neighbors through flyering, canvassing and meetings. The association has utilized a variety of tactics to secure their victories, including petitions, group written repair requests, code complaints, marches, protests, press conferences, and lawsuits. Mr. Frischmuth is a member of Tenant Advocates Defending Health Housing (TADHH), a group of tenant leaders who meet regularly with the Austin Code Department to discuss strategies on improving healthy housing in Austin. Prior to his organizing at Creeks Edge, he was a tenant advocate at his prior apartment complex and spent years in political polling and market and political research.
Stephen Firischmuth