Full Name
Brenda Scott Henry
City of Gary
Speaker Bio
Brenda Scott-Henry, Director, Office and Environmental
Affairs with over 18 years of experience in environmental programs and services. She also serves as the Stormwater (MS4) Coordinator and is primarily responsible for the planning and implementation of the
National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitted program. She directs the environmental, operational, and programmatic requirements for all water, land, and air quality
protection projects and planning efforts; and collaborates with City departments and organizations to increase municipal efficiency while maximizing sustainable impacts on the community.

Her department strives to protect and improve the health of the environment making it an invaluable asset utilizing environmental services and program activities to advance the City’s goals for a safe, healthy and well-protected environment fostered through civic engagement to help advance a sustainable society and economy.
Brenda Scott Henry