Immigration and Neighborhood Change - What We've Learned *

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Target Audience
Advocacy Groups, Housing Counseling, Legislators, Main Streets, Municipalities, Nonprofit/for-profit Developers

Over the past 20 years all of Michigan's population growth has been driven by immigration and the number of immigrants in the state has grown by nearly 40% during those two decades. New research from Global Detroit, Alan Mallach and Data Driven Detroit analyzes the impact that rapid immigration growth has had on two Detroit neighborhoods and what those impacts mean for long-term residents. The research is perhaps the first study of its kind inquiring into neighborhood-level data. The report includes new policy recommendations that suggest different housing strategies, as well as deeper investments in social cohesion activities between African American and new immigrant communities are warranted. As more Michigan communities are developing immigrant welcoming initiatives, what are the community development policies that go along with such programs? Moreover, is immigration a unique neighborhood revitalization strategy that can benefit long-term residents without displacing them like gentrification or that doesn't engender massive public investment?