The Power of Local Zoning: Opening Doors to Attainable/Affordable Housing *

Tuesday, May 4, 2021
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Target Audience
Advocacy Groups, Architects, Attorneys, Construction, Downtown Developers, Engineering, Financiers, Legislators, Main Streets, Municipalities, Nonprofit/for-profit Developers, Property Dealings, Realtors

This 60-minute Lightning/TED-inspired session focuses on local zoning best practices that promote inclusive and attainable/affordable housing options in Michigan. Based on findings presented in the recent 2020 MSU Extension webinar ‘From Exclusive to Inclusive: The Evolving Single Family Zone’ and highlighting the work of Housing North, our presenters will discuss a wide catalog of proven zoning and policy recommendations related to housing form and function. Planners, developers, legislators and others in housing development will gain an understanding of regulatory and policy options for recognizing neighborhood typologies, density cap removal, lot minimums, building form and more. In addition, equitable planning and public engagement are emphasized as critical steps to take towards updated zoning regulations that meet local economic and social resiliency goals. Attendees will be equipped with an understanding of how to move through a planning process into the adoption of zoning regulations that align with the housing needs of Michigan communities. We will present rural, suburban and urban housing considerations and share recent case studies related to zoning regulations and policies that support ‘missing middle’ housing, attainable workforce options and more.