Understanding & Engaging Tribal Communities *

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Target Audience
Advocacy Groups, Housing Counseling, Legislators, Municipalities, Serving the Homeless

It is critical for anyone making decisions, creating policy, drafting legislation or developing programs within the State of Michigan to do so with a knowledge and understanding of how our state's tribal communities and Indigenous peoples can be engaged in the process and how they may be impacted by the outcomes. It is also critical to recognize that there may be opportunities for partnership and collaboration with Michigan's 12 federally recognized tribes, which could strengthen and enhance projects and resources. This session will provide a brief overview of Michigan's Tribal communities, including tribal governments and services as well as offer information to help guide our non-Native community and organizational leaders in the process of consulting with, collaborating with and engaging tribal communities. It is critical that we invite the tribes to the table and that we seek out, include and elevate the voice of our state's Indigenous peoples in the work we are doing to better the communities where we work, live and play.