Full Name
Michelle Diller
Enterprise Community Partners
Speaker Bio
Michelle Diller is the Senior Program Director, Policy for the Building Resilient Futures team at Enterprise Community Partners. In this role, she advocates nationwide for the adoption of equitable green and resilient building practices for affordable housing to drive the creation and preservation of sustainable, climate-ready resilient homes, which are key to advancing racial equity and achieving economic and environmental justice.
Michelle works with state housing and federal agencies; internal staff; and state, regional and national partners to advance the adoption of green and resilient building practices in LIHTC QAPs across the country, educate on available funding to help affordable projects pencil out, and to align Enterprise’s national agenda with state, regional and local policy needs.
Michelle brings over two decades of experience in the high-performance building arena to Enterprise, including certification consulting, drainage/stormwater retrofits and designs, environmental regulation and green building education.
Michelle holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan and masters’ degrees in Environmental Science and Public Affairs from Indiana University. She lives in Northern Virginia with her family where they enjoy kayaking, biking, live theater, all things track and field – and lots of dog walks.
Michelle Diller