Inclusive and Equitable Processes for Repurposing Closed Public Schools (Mobile Workshop)
Date & Time
Thursday, September 8, 2022, 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Paola Aguirre Serrano

In 2013, Chicago closed nearly fifty public schools, concentrated in the South and West sides. One school, Anthony Overton Elementary in Bronzeville, is the future home of the Overton Center for Excellence, a business, technology, and design incubator. In the meantime, however, it has become the home base for the Creative Grounds initiative, a collaboration that reconnects the community with the former school site. Over the past four years, Overton has hosted dozens of creative projects including art and design installations, workshops, exhibitions, and more recently a mutual aid market, that reflect on the history of the school, celebrate its legacy, and introduce its renewed identity while testing new program ideas. This mobile workshop will provide an overview of the projects and activities that have been organized to keep the school active. We will guide participants through a group activity of designing engagement process and implementation plan based on two approaches: community activation series and creative art and design interventions. 

Session Type
Mobile Workshop