The MSVMA Rubric: Where the Score and Pedagogy Meet

Friday, January 29, 2021
7:00 PM - 7:45 PM

The MSVMA Rubric sets the stage for a teacher-focus on score study and choral pedagogy and a student-focus on an understanding of the music being performed. Our approach to the MSVMA rubric can be a guide to score study, vocal and choral pedagogy and can also guide our planning, teaching and performance. Rehearsal strategies and music examples specifically for adolescent voices will be shared with participants while working through a score to assist in lesson design and rubric understanding.
Thomas Blue
Learning Objective 1
The participant will leave with a fresh appreciation for score study and its connection to the rubric.
Learning Objective 2
The participant will leave with ideas and strategies for using score study and pedagogy to help bring clarity and understanding to the MSVMA rubric.
Learning Objective 3
The session participant will be encouraged to use the rubric as a guide for score study, adolescent voice pedagogy/ choral pedagogy and performing with understanding.
Target Audiences
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