*Technology in a Music Classroom


After the Spring of 2020, finding ways to utilize and integrate technology into a traditional general Music or performance based classroom became more important than ever before. Using sites such as Google Classroom, Google Apps, Screencastify, Loom, Soundtrap, Musictheory.net, and others became a much more important part of teaching music. This session will go through different ways that music teachers can begin to harness the power of teaching music through online applications.
Adam Davis
Technology Session
Learning Objective 1
Methods of using technology to streamline administrative tasks within the music classroom will be demonstrated. Examples of files and templates will also be available for the attendees.
Learning Objective 2
Methods of using technology to extend music learning outside of the classroom through the use of apps and websites will be shown along with examples of how to incorporate these into the curriculum.
Learning Objective 3
Methods for continuing to teach music classes when schools are closed. Activities that can be used when staff and students are unable to go to school will be discussed.
Target Audiences
Choral, Elementary, Strings, Band, Technology, General Education