*Preparing Your Students for a Successful Audition


Putting a system in place to help students prepare to audition for Region or All-State ensembles, honor groups, or college scholarships is possible whether or not they work with private teachers. This clinic explores creating and uploading music into SmartMusic and scheduling graduated assignments to guide the students’ practice. Using these assignments and a system of incentives, you can differentiate instruction and help every student prepare for a positive audition experience.
Ted Scalzo
Technology - Industry Session
Learning Objective 1
Teachers will walk away with an outline for a proven plan and strategy for helping students prepare for auditions
Learning Objective 2
Teachers will be able to understand how to import MusicXML content into SmartMusic or select repertoire for auditions.
Learning Objective 3
Teachers will be able to schedule, review and grade assignments created for the purpose of auditioning students.
Target Audiences