*Scoring and Arranging with Finale


Learn how easy it is for you and your students to compose, arrange, edit, transpose, listen to and print your music with Finale. No matter your area of teaching, you’ll wind up eventually writing, scoring or arranging for your students. Learn the tricks that will make this process faster and more enjoyable so you can get back to teaching the music sooner. Then convert your scores to MusicXML to use in SmartMusic and guide student practice.
Ted Scalzo
Technology - Industry Session
Learning Objective 1
Attendees will be able to use the Finale “Selection” tool shortcuts.
Learning Objective 2
Attendees will learn the most efficient ways to enter lyrics, and arrange music for different ensembles.
Learning Objective 3
Attendees will be able to format Finale scores and parts in the most efficient ways.
Target Audiences